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* Istanbul and the fascinating West Turkey
* Istanbul and around the Marmara Sea
* Istanbul and the original Anatolia
* Lycia and Ionia
* Fascinating Cappadocia and Pamukkale
* Highlights of the Orient
* Istanbul, Bursa und Ionia
* Mystical Civilizations
* South Turkey, Cappadocia and Istanbul
* Istanbul, Ionia und Lycia
* East Turkey, Land of Legends


Make more of your holiday and enjoy during the most precious weeks of the year the benefits of an educational tour. You will get to know about a sunny country, its blooming vegetation, fascinating cities, admirable landscapes and most of all the unforgetable hospitality of its people...

Let yourself bedazzle from people who come across you, with their compelling charm and immerse yourself into a fascinating culture between orient and occident. Throw a symbolic bridge between the two continents and savour the superiority of understanding a foreign yet so familiar culture.

A small trip around the world through antiquity. Millenia old settlements like Troy and Pergamon. Ancient cosmopolitan cities like Ephessos and Miletos. Far more of the greek-roman culture combined than there are in Greece and Italy together. 2.300 archaeological excavations and more than 40.000 archaeologists, who deal with this rich culture. Asia Minor, as a center for ancient cultures, offers in particular an entry to a classical educational trip